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Norishi just sat there with his eyes fixed on the freshly baked bread that the baker was putting out on the rack in the window to cool. He seemed to be hypnotized by how good the bread looked, that his eyes kept on getting wider as his stomach growled. He seemed to be so hungry that he couldn't move his tail from getting stepped on by the people who were walking passed the bakery.

In must have been a hour or two by the time he broke out of the bread's hypnotic ways. It was now raining, and his once handsome fur was now covered in mud. He ran behind the bakery for shelter. "Oh man!" he said to himself. "Look at myself! I look just terrible!" he meowed as he stuck his tongue out and started to lick the water and dirt out of his soft white fur. To him, this was the lowest he could go as a cat. He hated when he had to bathe himself with his tongue. But right now, as it was raining, he didn't really mind that he had to do it.

Then the back door to the bakery opened, and a young man about the age of 18 was standing in the doorway. Norishi ran behind the trash can as fast as he could. But, it was too late. The man had already knew he was there. "Well well, what do we have here?" the man said as he got down on his knees to get a better look at the cat.  "A little lost stray?" he smiled once the cat came out a little bit from behind the can. Norishi growled at being called a 'stray.' He hated being called that word, even though it was true. The man thought otherwise.

"Hey now, I'm not gonna hurt you." The man said to him. He must've thought that the growl meant 'stay away!' He honestly didn't know or care for cats. "Now come on out." he said still smiling at the cat. Norishi stepped out even more. "Now, isn't that better?" the man asked. Poor Norishi was still covered from his head to his paws in mud. Even though it was obvious that the man didn't care for cats, he still had a good heart. So, he invited Norishi into his home until he could find a home for the cat.

The home up above the bakery was beautiful. Everything was perfect. Norishi couldn't believe how much that houses had changed in the last two-hundred years. "Like it?" the man asked as he came back from the kitchen with a can opener and a can of cat food in his hand. He placed the can on the floor and opened it with the can opener. "Here." he pushed it in front of Norishi. "Eat up." he smiled. The cat's ears went down, as if he didn't want to eat it. "I'm gonna go start the bath while you eat, be right back." he said as he stepped out of the room. Norishi didn't want to eat, but he really liked the smell of cat food. And plus, he was so hungry. His stomach growled, he was so thin that you could see his ribs. Also, he didn't want to be rude. So he began to eat.
Chapter #2.
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